A Darker Fertility Spell

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"Oh spirit of darkness, oh spirit of lust

Oh spirit of passion, we call you to us!

Oh spirit of flame and fire come

Oh spirit of such heat, enflame our desires.


Oh goddess of darkness I give myself to thee

Oh Mistress Hecate give your powers to me!

Oh mighty deity stire lust within me

Oh Queen of Enchantment lose yourself inside me!


Oh god of potency my lover embodies thee

Oh amun, lord of fertility work your charms on me!

Oh mighty one hear my plea

Oh almighty amun grow a child in me from my lover's seed!


Oh spirits and powers

Oh keepers of hours

Oh Isis and amun

Oh Hecate and Bast

Oh gods and demons

Oh shades and ghosts

By the gods almighty and the heavenly host

HEAR ME and grant my desire

We want a child conceived by our passion's fire

We want a baby safe in our arms

Upon this child we want all of your blessings and charms

let our precious babe come to no harm

So be it, the spell is done!"